1st April 2002

Year of Establishment

About company

Rupam Group of Companies is a family-owned business located in Jamnagar, India. Rupam has come a long way since its inception in 1965. Today, the Rupam Group of Companies is an established group of four recognized component companies, established as the leading manufacturer and exporter of brass Electrical Wiring Accessories and several other brass products.

The Rupam Group is guided by its corporate philosophy to uphold the highest standards of professionalism, business ethics, service and quality. Its unfailing commitment to deliver only the best to its customers is the driving force behind the growth of the group, not just in size, but also in depth and scope.

As part of its long-term strategy to expand its core competencies and increase its market presence, Rupam Group has aggressively sought opportunities to grow through attainments of broad customer base with diversified product portfolio.

Our sustainability strategy sets out the overall direction for us, to grow and manage our businesses in order to deliver valuedproduct to our customer. It emphasises the importance of partnership with our customer, transparency and value creation which form the basic of the culture we foster throughout the group.

The business world is shrinking and Rupam Group has crossed many geographical boundaries. We serve today several customers in Europe, USA, United Kingdom, South East Asia, Far East and the entire region on Gulf.

All kind of brass part and component are carefully manufactured with automatic machines under a controlled environment with absolute quality control. These products are mainly suitable for Electrical, Switchgear, Controlgear, Hardware & Sanitary industries.

Name of Company

Jay International - Part of Rupam Group of Companies

Registration Particulars


Quality Certification

ISO – 9001:2008 Registered Firm, TUV-SUD South Asia Private Limited Certificate No.: 99 100 10950 Dated 15.06.2009

Our Capabilities

Description & Specification of Machine Make Accuracy & Finish Attainables No. of Machines Installed Capacity
  Accuracy in MM Finish  
Automatic for Turning Operation India ± 0.02 8 12.5 MM (1/2 inch)
Manual for Turning Operation India ± 0.10 4 12.5 MM (1/2 Inch)
Automatic for Turning Operation India ± 0.05 4 19 MM(3/4 Inch)
Manual for Turning Operation India ± 0.10 1 19 MM
Threading Machine India N/A N/A 4 12.5 MM
Threading Machine India N/A N/A 2 19 MM
Punching Press India Upto 6 MM Deep 0.02 MM N/A 2 5 Tonne
Specially developed Multi-Station Automatic Machines for various Operations of Drilling & Tapping India ± 0.02 10 Upto 8 MM
Milling Machine Manual India ± 0.05 3 --
Drilling Machine India ± 0.02 5 12.5 MM (1/2 Inch)
Shaping Machine India ± 0.05 1 18“
Lathe Machine India ± 0.02 1 4’
Box Strapping Machine India -- -- 1 --
Lift (Trolley Type) India -- -- 1 1000 Kgs

Rupam Group consists of five companies and they are as under: