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Plastic Moulding Inserts
We are pioneer manufacturer of Brass threaded inserts for plastics industries, communication equipments, automotive industries, electrical & Wiring device cases etc. We offer a full line of brass inserts for all methods of installation, including: ultrasonic, heat, thermal, predd-in and mold-in. These parts are use in switch contacts, moulding inserts, and different varieties used for modular switches, MCBs, MCCBs.

Although we produce various brass inserts as per custom design & specification, we have standard series of Threaded Inserts such as Straight Hole, Blind (Closed bottom), Collar Inserts, Ultrasonic, Press in, Tri Slotted Inserts etc.
  • Collar Series inserts provides Options to use Flange to make Electric Contact
  • Ultrasonic series thred inserts having Opposite Diagonal Knurls provide excellent Torque Resistance Vertical Undercuts in Tri Series Provides Superior Tensile Strength
  • Straight, Diamon, opposite diagonal etc. are the knurling options available to give solid gripping to Molding applications.
  • Blind thread or closed bottom Inserts prevents plastic from entering the bottom of the insert.

    Thread Size M1.6to M50. BA, BSW, BSPT, BSF & American Threads like UNC, UNF,UNEF & NPT.

    Natural /  Nickel /  Chrome /  Any coating as per customers specification.
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